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Open Daily 10am-5pm

Cedars Nature Centre

Created as a place where anyone from any background or ability can learn about the natural world.

Cedars Nature Centre is an affordable family attraction with education at our forefront.

A small zoo with a big heart!

Familiar favourites such as meerkats and owls are just some of the animals found here alongside the strange more unusual creatures such as zorillas and tenrecs, there is lots to discover.

Who We Are

Back in 2016 the team behind Cedars Nature Centre took over pets corner from Broxbourne council and created Cedars Nature Centre.


In late 2021 the team has a partial change of management with Joe coming on board to join existing director Stu.

The Centre is now operated by Stu and Joe's company Lets Talk Animals Ltd trading as Cedars Nature Centre.


What our visitors say!

"Highly recommended for families and fans of unusual animals!"


"This place is phenomenal!"

"The staff are so friendly, we will for sure visit again"

"An absolutely brilliant little place for young kids"

"Lovely little zoo with great potential!"

"Lovely place with even nicer staff!"

Cedars Nature Centre

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Cedars Nature Centre




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